• SkyTab POS Systems in Fargo, ND

Product manufacturers have launched the SkyTab POS system to help your Fargo, ND business advance. The assortment of Next-Generation hardware and software in the SkyTab collection puts convenience, speed, and ease of use at your fingertips. It’s the perfect solution to the productivity challenges that face many restaurants and hospitality establishments today. Here’s why you need to add this system to your equipment as quickly as possible:

All-In-One POS System

The SkyTab Shift4 POS system is a highly secure hub for all your restaurant management needs. You’ll enjoy having all of these features right in front of you at all times:

Ironclad Security

Encryption and tokenization are part of the POS system’s protective features. You can rest assured that your business and customer information is always safe.

Labor Management Tools

You can manage employees with ease using this all-purpose system. Scheduling your staff, adding permissions, and implementing timeclock features are part of this business tool powerhouse.

Payment Management

Accept all the latest types of payments with the SkyTab POS and keep your patrons endlessly happy. The unit can take EMV chip credit card payments, QR codes, and NFC payments. Additionally, you can accept gift cards and electronic gift cards with this device. Adding numerous payment options is yet another way the SkyTab can improve your customer service score.

Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of the necessary processes that every business must partake in to survive. The SkyTab POS makes it hassle-free with its integrated collection of marketing tools. You can use the device to create an email list and inform your clients of upcoming promotions and news. Furthermore, you can monitor your reviews and get real-time feedback updates. This do-it-all system also offers customer loyalty programs and social media management tools. Thus, you can change the game by taking a chance on it and adding it to your business’s operations.

Inventory Management

SkyTab allows you to keep track of all your inventory and place orders when necessary. The feature is highly convenient for ensuring all menu items are available when clients want them.

Handheld for Mobile Convenience

The SkyTab handheld’s design allows you to take orders on the go. That means you can use it to navigate the room in a large club or take it with you during deliveries. Alternatively, you can use it in another restaurant branch. You can truly feel the freedom in the palm of your hands when you take advantage of the mobile device.

Advanced Kitchen Display for Efficiency

The advanced kitchen display keeps your back-of-house operations organized and easy to understand. Its technology also keeps it connected to your other equipment, providing a seamless connection that delivers constantly.

Tablet for Tableside Ordering

The SkyTab Glass is another part of this high-tech suite. This part of the system puts convenient tableside ordering on the table to increase convenience for customers and waitstaff.

The SkyTab system answers all your questions about boosting productivity and increasing your customer base. Success is only a phone call away. Start benefiting by contacting Credit Card Processing Company, Inc. at 888-558-4686 for additional information.